Christoper Lee - Vocals

(Ronnie Van Zant)

North Carolina born, and Georgia raised, Christopher Lee grew up with Southern Rock pumping through his veins. At age 11, he began traveling with original bands, making appearances nationwide.

Recently, he joined the band LynSkynyrd as their lead vocalist. Fronting a tribute band may have some artists shying away from the job, the challenge of imitation too great, but Chris jumped at the offer. The move would allow Chris the opportunity to step into the shoes of one of his idols- Ronnie VanZant, and that wasn’t something he could turn down. 

Always dedicated to putting in more than 100% effort to his projects, he has spent countless hours doing his homework, studying any and all footage he could find, and taking those observations and using them to further transform himself for the role. Chris believes that fans deserve an authentic experience when they come out to a show, and that’s what he delivers.

While there may be other Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute bands out there, anyone attending a LynSkynrd show will quickly realize that the experience is something they won’t soon forget. Christopher Lee and the band deliver a show that is well rehearsed and authentic. Chris says, “I grew up on these songs, I’ve spent many of my nights drinking to these songs, and most importantly, a lot of these songs are the story of my life. The fans see that, they see I ain’t faking it hoss.”

John Giese, Guitar 

(Gary Rossington)

Born and raised in the South, southern Illinois that is, John has played guitar in many bands prior to creating LynSkynyrd in late 2018.

With LynSkynyrd he wanted to make a Tribute band that would be as authentic and true to Lynyrd Skynyrd as possible.

Putting his ‘92 Les Paul to work as lead Skynyrd guitarist Gary Rossington he found a match in playing style as well as mutual instruments.

In his capacity as musical director for LynSkynyrd being true to the music of Lynyrd Skynyrd is paramount,  and John plays only Gary Rossington guitar solos as on the original recordings, as do all the instrumentalists in LynSkynyrd. 

John uses all Gibson guitars and Peavey amps. 

Eric Lee - Guitar (Allen Collins)

Eric has been a Chicago north-sider all his life.

Dad and Eric sneak-bought his first guitar - A Norma electric - the night before his 7th birthday.

Dad also provided the records of the day - Guess Who, Beatles, Blood Sweat and Tears, Doors, etc.

By age 12 the older guys in the neighborhood brought him in to jam. They turned him on to very influential stuff. Deep Purple, ELP, BOC, etc.

“I’m having a gas playing with these LynSkynyrd guys. Stupid Fantastic”. -E

John Ziganto - Guitar (Steve Gaines)

John “Ziggy” Ziganto from Chicago was inspired early on by his Dads musical ability and began playing at age 13. He takes pride in being versatile and has settled into the challenge of replicating the force of nature that is Steve Gaines on stage with “LynSkynyrd”.

Wayne Evans - Bass Guitar (Leon Wilkeson)

Wayne Evans is a professional recording and touring bassist. 

Originally from Chicago, Wayne toured the east coast for 10 years opening for national acts like Savoy Brown,  Rick Derringer, ELO, Heart, the New York Dolls, and  Long John Baldry. 

He has a unique style all his own. When asked what is the role of a bass in the band Wayne said, "The bass must be precise and stay in the pocket The drums and bass provide a solid foundation for the rest of the band to build on"

Scott Tomeczko - Drums (Artimus Pyle)

Scott Tomeczko was born and raised on the southside of Chicago. Scott started  his musical journey playing the organ, accordion, and trumpet. As a teenager taking trumpet lessons Scott noticed a poster of Led Zeppelin on the wall and told his teacher “Hey, that’s what I want to do!, DRUMS!.” Scott enjoys many styles of music, and especially enjoys playing the part of Artimus Pyle in Lynskynyrd!🤟

Frank Judd - Keyboards

(Billy Powell)

Frank “Juddzey” Judd began his music studies at the famous Old Town School of Music while still in kindergarten, during which time his Father taught him music theory on a plectrum banjo. He learned to be a sound and light engineer working with Dave Major & The Minors, The Four Lads, The Four Diamonds, The Four Aces, The New Chordettes and Dick Contino, the original Italian Stallion! Juddzey played with Second Wind in the 80’s before spending a decade as a Contemporary Christian band leader. He also spent considerable time in musical theater with a professional troupe. As a well rounded professional entertainer returning to the Live Music scene, Juddzey has worked with several popular Chicagoland acts such as Evil Wayz, Standing Eight Count, Z Sharp and Pirates Over 40. Juddzey is excited and delighted to be a part of this band of brothers embodying the spirit of the Live Lynyrd Skynyrd musical journey.

Meg Skrypkun (Honkette)

Meg comes from the SouthSide of Chicago, where she started as a youngin' on-stage participating in musicals and theater, including starring as Alice in Alice in Wonderland at age 11. 

In high school she enjoyed piano, musicals, and singing in chorus and acapella.  Her love of music/theater took a back seat to school and work later in life, but that love never died! Eventually karaoke came around, and she joined the Downers Grove Choral Society as well. 

She also started learning some drummin’. She was happy as a clam when asked to help keep Southern Rock alive and became part of this amazingly talented bunch.

Nancy Viteri (Honkette)

Nancy has always loved to sing and write.She feels music is her lifeline. And to be involved in music in any form is her greatest passion.

Nancy is from Chicago, and spent her free time as a teenager and young adult supporting local musicians. She often will sing a duet with her brother, in theRod Stewart Experience. She has written lyrics for local solo artists as well.

She met Meg Skrypkun and joined Meg to sing as 2nd honkette in LynSkynyrd bringing a great female vocal blend to a fantastic band that’s keeping classic southern rock alive.

Nancy says, “Singing opens a happiness in my soul like nothing else. And lyrics, to me are so much more than words, they are a story, a journey inside the writers experiences. “

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